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  Dear Sir,
           Iam unable to understand how the Varna dharma can be re-established and decided by mere birth in some caste.  Intercaste marriages have become common now a days.  What caste you can give for a baby born to a brahmin male to a harijan female and viceversa?
With all respects to the Acharyas, I wish to express my openion that
it would be better to do something to keep the Hindu dharma alive first by circulating litterature and books at a very cheap prices, propagating the merrits of Dharma door to door, bring reforms in the Karma Kanda which is becoming very costly for the common man.  The exploitation of the Purohits every where becoming unbearable.  They must do  something that a common Hindu should not be psychologically humiliated himself for not affording to perform the rituals properly.  The Acharyas must turn their devine looks on to the downtrodden people who are every day exploited by the missioneries and mullas in the name of helping them financially in the name of loans and circulating very objectionable litteratures freely or at a scrape price misleading and misinterpretting the Hindu puranas etc., Iam sad, leaving all this,the Acharyas start propegating the Varnasrama dharma and showing the old and old quotations of the Shastras and preachings of Paramacharyas to uphold the cast systems and asking people to before the above said brahmin, just because he claims himself as a brahminborn.
I think we can not renovate the ruins of the caste systems while there is a necessity to do something to prevent people from leaving the religion itself.
I may be excused  if there is any thing wrong in my expressions.


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>Character and Vocation by Birth
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