[Advaita-l] to Satish ji Re: All should read the Vedas

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Wed Jan 19 21:07:40 CST 2005

Dear Satish ji,
Most of the Purana's are comparatively modern. One can know that if one
looks at the language used in them. None of them is even as old as the
Upanishads, what to say about the Vedas. Acharya Shankara himself didn't
quote any purana accept Vishnu purana. I can't remember if I have seen him
quoting any agama at all. May be dharmasutras, but not any Agama. Here I'm
talking of the Prasthanatraya Bhashyam.
In that case what did the women study before the Agamas came into
existence? I doubt that great women like Gargi and Maitreyi studied the
Agamas. Let me point out that Gargi has been called "brahma-vadini", one
who talks about the brahma. I don't think that brahma here means "the
Supreme", for two reasons, first, "brahma-vadinah" in all brAhma
Scriptures means "those who talk about the Vedas". second, she has been
instructed about Brahman (the Supreme) by Yajnavalkya  in the
Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.
I'm sure that "svaadhyaayo'adhyetavyah" didn't mean that one should study
the Agamas or Puranas.

Let me tell you that even the concept of the Yuga (4 yugas) is extremely
modern, I can't remember any authentic scripture mentioning it, accept the
Puranas, again modern scriptures. On the contrary, I think that we have
entered into a wonderful era now, which is so different and so special
from any ancient times. There have been bad people from the very beginning
of creation. They are the ones that keep the balance, like darkness in the
night. They are always there and they would always remain here. But if one
reads the history, one has to admit that the time that we are in now, is
one of the most beautiful times. Let us make it a bit more wonderful by
introducing Vedic truths into it!

When the Vedas themselves don't give any limitation? When they are keeping
themselves free from any such limitation, who are we to impose those
limitations on them? When the Vedas say "shrinvantu vishve amritasya
putraah" "o you children of immortality! listen unto me", how can you say
that all shouldn't be allowed to listen it. Please don't do that. Or do
you want to say that only a particular race or cast is the children of
immortality? Come on, wake up. We all are manavas, the descendents of
Manu. Our father is one, then we all are also one.

The duty that was given to the Brahmanas is to teach the Vedas and not to
"possess" them. Teach whom? Do you mean to say teach to the Brahmanas so
that they can teach the Brahmanas, and that too so that those brahmanas
can teach to the Brahmanas. This is what has been going on since so many
years now, it is time that we stop with this.
Siddhartha Krishna

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