[Advaita-l] RE: Vedic Shakhas for kshatriyas and vaishyas?

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 19 17:23:48 CST 2005

I realise this topic has been discussed before and so
dont intend to bore by dragging much.
All responses to this post will only be offline.
Sry for the extra post yesterday. Was reminded of the
limit only after seeing Kartik's mail. Thanks.

> > Guess how worse it will become if all
> > present Brahmanas become purohita-s?
> > 
> Things become "worse" if BrAhmaNas perform their
> dharma?!

This is what I had in my mind while typing that
In my hometown, in my specific colony there is a
Lakshmi Ganapati temple and every one decided to
support the archaka. The residents comprise people
form many varna-s and there are a good number of
Brahmana-s among them. If all the Brahmin residents
were to relinquish their jobs and become archakas all
of a sudden, the residents will certainly be averse to
lend any support at all and that may discourage a
greater percentage of the next generation to shy away
from their profession.
It is because the priest is well supported(meaning he
has more "client base") by the colony that both his
sons are now all set to become archakas in the same
temple. That would have been impossible if there was
competition from the other Brahmana residents.
Perhaps, a member(or some) of the family sticking to
the profession and the others supporting them by means
of a secular job will prevent mass abandoning of the
profession. Or maybe there are better solutions.
That is the idea behind that statement.

> > Why starve to death when there is a provision?
> Who is starving to death and where? The life of a
> Pandit is hard no
> doubt, but there is nothing in the shAstras that
> says that a Brahmin
> ought to be able to afford a Mercedes.

That statement is based on reports several years back
of some Sri Vaishnava temple preists earning something
like 96 rupees a month. The statement is also based on
personal interaction with some.

> Where is your idea that "there is no
> one that will support
> BrAhmaNas" coming from?

Where do you think most of the present support is
coming from?

Mostly from well to do Brahmana-s having secular jobs
or and some dvija industrialists.

I dont think one should saw off the branch that he is
sitting on.

Sringeri and Kanchi may have sources. Fact is that,
Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are not the only states in

I havent seen much support from other non-dvija-s, and
surely their support seems to be waning. Actually the
support other varna-s is kind of cyclical and cannot
be counted upon always(for very obvious reasons).

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