[Advaita-l] Animal Sacrifice

Girish Ramadurgam rsgirish at aol.com
Tue Jan 18 16:44:22 CST 2005

Hi Karthik,

This is with regard to what you said

"So it is contended that
 > >the following are to be eschewed in the Kali age: horse and cow
 > >sacrifices, meat in the sraddha ceremony, sannyasa, begetting a son by
 > >the husband's brother."

Begetting(forgive my ignorance) - I thought in Dwapara yuga Kunti Begot 
Yudishtira,Bhima and Arjuna. Also Pandu/Dhrithrastra/Vidura as well were 
result of this?

Were there no sacrifices of Animals in previous yoga?

Did Rakshasas/Asuras sacrifice animals/human beings?
If they did, why is it that in scriptures they consider this happening 
only in Kaliyuga?

Kind Regards,


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