Animal Sacrifices (was Re: [Advaita-l] Web-sites related to advaita)

Navin Rajaram navinr at
Tue Jan 18 10:06:13 CST 2005

Hari Om,

S Jayanarayanan wrote:

>It's a given that meat eaten as prasAdam (by a BrAhmaNa or anyone else)
>after performing an animal sacrifice following the correct Vedic
>procedure is sAttvic. 
That comes as quite a surprise to me because the animal nature is linked 
with Tama-guna and Raja-guna -identification per se with the body and 
the senses.  My understanding was that in an effort to transcend these 
gross levels of identification, meat eating and/or killing of animals is 
to be avoided.  I guess the same might not apply to a spiritual seeker, 
say in the Sahara or the North pole where vegetation is at a minimum and 
meat is the main source of food.

>I was only arguing that a "minority view" exists within the Vedic
>tradition itself regarding (non)performance of animal sacrifices.
I agree..there are conflicting views on this topic. Inspite of 
personally choosing to be a vegetarian, I do not know how these choices 
are themselves responsible for higher moral ground. Maybe these are just 
circumstantial choices of food habits.



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