[Advaita-l] Wearing religious marks

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I have attempted a transliteration of the shloka that shrI jaladhar had
sent out. Jaladahar, please pardon me if your transliteration scheme
does not match mine.

Om agniriti bhasma vAyuriti bhasma jalamiti bhasma sthalamiti bhasma
vyometi bhasma sarva(ga)m ha va idam bhasma mana etAni cakShUgamshi
bhasmAni |


K Kathirasan NCS wrote:
> Namaste Jaldharji,
> Could you kindly transliterate the shloka for my benefit and others who are
> yet to know. Thanks. 
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> On Wed, 12 Jan 2005, S Venkatraman wrote:
>>Please forgive my ignorance; what is tripundra?
> You probably know it by some other name.  It is the three horizontal lines
> of bhasma (ash) warn by smartas as a tilaka.  (And Shaivas which has led
> many to erroneously conclude that all Smartas are Shaivas which is not
> true.)
> This shloka which we say when we do tripundra dharana explains its meaning:
> Fire is ash, air is ash, water is ash, earth is ash, ether is ash,
> Everything is ash, mind and these eyes are ash.
> When a fire burns something, ash is the essence that could not be burned.
> When the fire of knowledge burns maya, Brahman is the essence that remains.


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