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Tue Jan 11 19:15:52 CST 2005

Sure. other good site One site I forgot to mention 

4. http://www.jyotistoma.nl/. It's very good. 

See http://www.jyotistoma.nl/EN/default.asp. I quote:

"The first large performance which can rightly be called "modern" is
the Agnicayana organized by F. Staal in Kerala, India, 1975. The
tradition of Vedic rituals had become quite weak, and without the
encouragements and support of Staal the ritual would probably not have
been performed. In this performance it was necessary to take into
account with all kinds of new circumstances not referred to in the
traditional rules of the ritual. The ritual was to be filmed, and
extensive sound recordings were to be made. The media payed much
attention to the sacrifice, and there were strong protests against the
killing of sacrificial animals; at the last moment it was decided to
use vegetarian substitutes for these. "

Jobless people with nothing else to do, I suppose other than "animal
rights activism". And unfortunately the target is always the docile
vedic pundits.

A somewhat similar thing happened recently when Jayalalita tried to
ban animal sacrifices by villagers to the village Gods. But this time
there was a unanimous uproar of protest and she hastily backtracked!


On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 13:32:59 -0800, Ravi Parimi <rparimi at gmail.com> wrote:
> > There is a page on the soma yaagam conducted in 2003 -
> > http://www.namboothiri.com/somayaagam/index.html. Unfortunately an
> > animal substitute had to be used instead of an actual animal for the
> > sacrifice, due to fear of "animal rights activists".
> Does this mean that had there been no fear of animal right activists,
> an animal would've been sacrificed during the yaagam?
> --ravi

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