[Advaita-l] Question: arghya pradaanam

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian rama.balasubramanian at gmail.com
Sun Jan 9 23:57:54 CST 2005

I have been taught 

kAlAtIta prAyaScittArtham ekArghyapradhAnaM kariShye

This is what I see in "AcAryALin ViLakkam - sandhyAvandhanam" also, a
book in Tamil with an explanation of sandhyavandanam by Sri
Mahasannidhanam (abhinava vidyA tIrtha swamigal).

The single arghya is for doing the arghya at the wrong time. For
example, the best time (uttamam) for doing the morning sandhya is
early morning, when the stars can still be seen, madhyamam is when the
sun is not visible, but there is light, adhamam is when the sun is
visible. The single arghya is performed even if one gets up at the
optimum time, since we could possibly be mistaken about the time due
to some reason or the other.


On Fri, 7 Jan 2005 16:27:14 -0800 (PST), S Jayanarayanan
<sjayana at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I have a question on the mantra used for the last arghya pradaanam in
> sandhya worship:
> sakala doshha praayashchittaartha ekaarghyapradaanam karishhye .
> But surely that doesn't literally mean that all sins are washed off
> with just one arghya?
> I believed that it must be interpreted to mean, "This is a repentance
> for those sins that have undoubtedly crept into my actions, in spite of
> my utmost care in attempting to follow dharma immaculately."
> Am I correct in my belief? If not, what is the right interpretation?
> Thanks,
> Kartik

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