[Advaita-l] NakhShatreShTi homam

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Dear Sri Ballakrishnen,

Thanks very much for the info.

Perhaps the newspaper meant that the homam had not been performed in
Karnataka/Mysore the last 100 years.

Do you know which mantras in the taittiriiya samhitaa are used for the homam?


[PS: I noticed that the mail had been sent to me and not to the list.
I presume it was by accident. So I'm sending this mail to the list

On Thu, 30 Dec 2004 09:35:02 +0530, ballakrishnen subramaniam
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> Dear Sir,
> The first 28 "panchayati" of the 1st prasna of the 1st ashtaka of the Tai
> Brahmana is the brahmana portion of the Nakshatra Satra yaga. The mantras
> are there in the Tai samhita. This yaga is normally done starting on the
> kartika pournami on goes on for 30 days. In practise there are 27
> nakshatras. but there is one more to this group called abijit. Then of
> cource the darsa pornamasa which comes in between.  This can be done only by
> Ahitagnis(ie) those who perform Agnihotram everyday. The practise is
> Apastamba Srouta Sutra is followed, for yajur vedis. As of I know more than
> 6 times this isti has been performed in the last 12 years, both at Chennai
> and also at Tanjore dist 
> Thanks
>  Ballakrishnen
> >Dear List Members, 
> > 
> >The tatittiriiya braamhaNa has 3 aShTakams. The first anuvaaka of 
> >the third aShTtakam is called nakhShatreShTi. It starts off with 
> >agnirnaH paatu kR^ittikaaH. Part of it + some mantras from the 
> >sa.nhitaa portion are known as the nakhShatra suuktam and can be found 
> >in the mantra puShpam published by R.K Mutt. It also occurs in the 
> >famous compilation by bodhaayana maharShi, the udakaSaanti. 
> > 
> >A homam was performed based on the nakhShatreShTi. Please see: 
> > 
> >http://www.mysoresamachar.com/nak_veda.htm 
> > 
> >Can knowledgeable list members give more details on this homam, 
> >which suutra discusses this homam and so on. Also any reference to 
> >published material would be greatly appreciated. 
> > 
> >Thanks! 
> > 
> >Rama

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