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murali mohan murali_mohan at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 30 07:56:55 CST 2005

Today saw an old Meera bhai movie. Got these doubts. Meera, again like Gopis, discarded her husband and was singing and dancing all the time. Whereas Krishna in Gita cautioned everyone aginst abandoning ones duties and that one can reach him thru nishkama karma. Becoz of Meera's nonsupport for her husband in his kingly duties he could not fight properly against the Mughals. He was supportive of her activities to a certain extent but she could not perform her part. Same was the case with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He was also singing and dancing all the time. We can appreciate the purpose of singing bhajans and dancing but all the time? We know that once a person reach a certain state, the affairs of the world no longer ties him down and interests him, but as long as one exist physically can one be irresponsible to his station in life? Did not king Janaka perform his royal duties even after enlightenment? Recently I heard one Swami saying that the people who were singing bhajans inside
 Somnath temple  when it was being attacked and razed to the ground by the forces of Aurangazeb hoping that God would save them were misguided and foolish and should have done their duty in protesting and preventing the crime.  Doing one's duty impartially is highly emphasised in Hindu religion. All Hindu gods symbolically carry symbols of peace as well as weapons. Violence might be required to maintain peace and protect the meek. Like Shivaji for example. Has not these bhakti movements created hordes of carefree, easygoing, lazy people?  
  So we have one section who performs one's eartly duties effortlessly and without ego and another section who discards all duties and sings and dances.  Which is correct?

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