[Advaita-l] Waking & Dream states - An objective outlook

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Wed Dec 28 07:46:06 CST 2005

praNAms Sri Prasad Kadambi prabhuji
Hare Krishna

PK prabhuji:

Adi Shankara could tell this because he was not in any of these states.
though it would be logical for us to say that  he too had experienced all
these states. It is known that he had the *absolute* state of conciousness
where absolute cannot be explained.

bhaskar :

Yes I agree with you that bhagavadpAda was not in any of these states as he
is, being a brahma jnAni, *avasthAtIta*...but you can see, inspite of that
he is *telling* this why?? & to whom this has been addressed??  is it
soliloquies of shankara?? is he sharing this with another jnAni (!!??) or
is he addressing this to his followers??  I think shankara telling this
truth to his followers & asking them  to analyse their day to day
experience (anubhava) ...the universal experience (sArvatrika pUrNAnubhava)
is one and same to all...and this anubhava reveals the fact that when we
analyse objectively our experiences in waking & dreaming  the *degree* of
reality in both waking & dream worlds is same!!

PK prabhuji:


How far it would correct on our part to adjudicate one state being in the
other ?

bhaskar :

Yes, this is what exactly I've discussed in my subject mail...we cannot
make arbitrary remarks on other two states by holding one state's
reality....either we have to accept all states are equally real  or all the
three states are mere superimposition on Atman...ofcourse the later one is
the ultimate reality since shruti asserts na antaH prajna ..na
bahiprajna..(not of inward consciousness,  not of outward consciousness &
not of consciousness in either direction!!)

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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