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praNAms Sri Abhishek prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Abhishek prabhuji:


To clarify, Swami Paramananda Bharathiji did not equate tejasvi and

bhaskar :

I dont know, I might have misread yours & Sri Jaldhar Vyas prabhuji's
previous mails which I reproduced below...

prabhuji first you said :

While we met Swami Paramananda Bharathiji this subject was broached. He
confirmed that this was indeed a dream as indicated by the word "tejasvi"
the description of rAsalIla. It is a fact that Atma is described as
"taijasa" in dream state.

Subsequently Sri Jaldhar prabhuji confirmed :

Swami Paramananda drew attention to the fact that the participants are
described as tejasvi which is not the first adjective one might think of
to describe cowherd women.  But if you understand it as being in the
taijasa state then it makes sense.

>From the above two observations I thought that Sri paramAnanda bhArati did
equated taijasa & tEjasvi & described rAsa lIla was only in the taijasa
state of gOpikA-s..In mAndukya shruti there is an elaborated discussion
about the status of vishwa & taijasa...wherein shruti treats both states
with equanimity & attributes *saptAnga yEkOnaviMshati mukhaH* to both waker
& dreamer.  Anyway, I am not able to find the relevance here in the context
of rAsa lIla..

Abhishek prabhuji:

 One has to look at the internal consistency of the story. In the
mahAbhArata, when SiSupAla accused SrI krSNa of so many insulting things
100 times he did not mention this rAsakrIDa. So it can be inferred that
rAsakrIda took place in someone's dream

 bhaskar :

 IMHO, evidence is not enough to infer in favour of dream prabhuji...one
may infer either shishupAla had not considered lord's rAsa lIla as a
crime!!  or he would have mentioned that too had the Lord allowed him to
continue his accusations!!...so nothing can be concluded from this ...

 Abhishek prabhuji:

 So it can be inferred that rAsakrIda took place in someone's dream

 bhaskar :

 No, prabhuji, if you look at the 10th canto of bhAgavata, there are ample
evidences to believe that Lord's divine play was indeed a real event!!!  If
time permits I'd share my thoughts with relevant verses from bhAgavata.

 In the meanwhile, I'd request Sri paramAnand bhArati also to clarify my

 Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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