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Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 14:23:35 +0530
From: Abhishek RK 
Subject: [Advaita-l] Members met at Bangalore
To: advait vedanta 
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I thought I'd inform the members of advaita-l that Jaldhar Vyas, Praveen
Bhat, Prasad, Sankar Narayan and myself met in Bangalore on the occasion of
Jaldhar's trip here for a conference. We had a nice time and visited
Shankara Matha where we bought some books and had darshana of Sri Sharadamba
and Sri Sankaracarya. Then we had darshana of Sri Paramananda Bharathi
Swamiji with whom we spent nearly 3 hours. Hope more such meetings can take
place in the future with the cooperation of all the advaita-l members.

It was such a memorable meet that I am at loss of words to explain. I am really thankful for Abhishek for making all the arrangements. It also gave us some time to spend with H.H. Sri Paramandanda Bharati. The darshan of Sharadmba and Sri Adi Shankara made me recollected my visit to Sringeri. I hope that we could all meet sometime, and I would also request members residing in Bangalore to attend. The books that were bought are really worthy  as it is elevating my mind to a higher plane.
 I am sorry for this delayed brief-up, and also would thank Jaldhar and others who made this meet possible. I hope Jaldhar might have done a good reading as he took the best books on vedanta and kavya.
 I also briefed my guru here in Mysore with whom I am learing yajurveda , regarding our meet. Hope to get back more with the active discussion  initiated by Nataraj and others.
 Jaya Jaya Shankara !
 Hara Hara Shankara !!
 Prasad R Kadambi

*    Avidya or nescience,indescribable and beginingless, is called the cause, which is an upadhi superimposed on Atman .

*    There is no ignorance outside the mind. The mind alone is AVIDYA, the cause of bondage , of transmigration. When that mind is destroyed, all else is destroyed.

*    Brahman being eternal, cannot be attained through any means other than the removal of Avidya (nescience).


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