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Sanjay-ji wrote:
When the author first went to meet Sri Punjaji, he was surrounded by his twenty "enlightened" disciples. The author mentions that he seemed to be the only "un-enlightened" person in the room at that time.

Could you please confirm if this is from "Nothing ever happened" or elsewhere? David Godman, in his series of interviews, has mentioned that Poonja Maharaj many a times said "you're enlightened" to many a people, but when David specifically asked  for the no. of his followers who are enlightened, the number was hardly any! (I know one of the close Poonja followers who has had a glimpse of enlightenment, but doesn't claim so. There may be many such)

(Strictly speaking... rather, IMHO... Poonja Maharaj could hardly be considered a modern master. He gives credit of his enlightenment to his guru, Ramana Maharshi)

shivam shaantam advaitam,

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