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All these are necessary conditions, but not necessarily sufficient.
All that is being said is, tread with great caution.

There may have been "fake" gurus in all ages. The point is that we do
not hear about them, because only real achievements transcend time. I
(and any one else) cannot say with confidence that in the distant past
the pupil had to be less careful in associating with a guru. We simply
do not know this for a fact.

Remember, it is generally much harder to ascertain that a guru is
genuine, than it is to be sure that a guru is a fake. This is simply
because many fake gurus will have qualities that exist in us also,
most prominently the ego.

Enlightenment comes in strange ways, learning the shaastras does not
guarantee it, in fact no one thing guarantees it. So even stating the
entire "qualifying" history of a guru does not validate his/her
genuineness. I suspect that finding a guru is not just a matter of
brains. It has to do with making a connection on another plane (which
I cannot pinpoint). There can be some general guidelines to say whome
NOT to choose as a guru, but the guidelines for whome to really choose
as a guru usually consist of a subset of the properties (namely the
visible ones) that one should look for.

I do not know how fruitful it is to compare modern scholars of vedAnta
with those of the distant past. The point is (and has always been) to
be VERY careful while choosing a guru.

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