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venkata subramanian venkat_advaita at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 5 22:31:47 CST 2005

My rule of thumb in whom to watch out for today and avoid, whether new-age 
or with some link to tradition: one who is highly articulate and consciously 
uses it to advantage for self-promotion, one who has an active and public 
media presence with a public relations factory (glossy magazines, flashy 
websites and followers among the rich and famous), one who is constantly on 
world tours, one who organizes "retreats" in expensive and exotic locales, 
with exorbitant fees, one who claims to have been enlightened by a mere look 
or touch from someone else, one who got initiation in some mantra and/or a 
new initiate name directly from God/Goddess in a dream, and finally if s/he 
is from India, one who is on a "mission to the West" (too many wannabe 
Vivekananda-s out there) or else, one who does not care about the West but 
is involved head over heels in Indian politics.

    ==  The above signals are independent of each other.   Each one has his own "Strategy" of "operations'......but nevertheless any one or more combination of the above are noticeable.

Thanks & Regards,

Sadgurubhyo Namah.
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