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Yagneshwaraaya Namaha !

Please do not call me Sir, since I am too young to be called so. Its
always due to the efforts my parents put to keep us in this line and
ofcourse, Esha's blessings. Its our sincere responsibility to learn
Vedas :

Vedah shivah shivo vedaha vedaadhyaayi sadaashivaha|
Tasmaat sarva prayatnena vedameva sadaa japeth||

Ok, here it goes. There are much better learned people in this list, but
still to the benefit of others, I would like to quote few things from
Vedas :

In Rigveda, Vishnu suktha (7th mandala 99th suktha), 2nd mantra is as

Nate vishno jaayamaano na jaato deva mahimnah paramantamaapa|
Udastabhna naakamrushwam bruhantam daadartha praachim kakubham
pruthivyaah | 

Meaning - There is no one alive who knows the Vishnu mahimaa. One who
knows about it in the past will not be born , one who comes to know
about it will not be alive (attain mukti).

In the next Suktha, Maharshi Vasishtha says :

Tantvaa grunaami tavasamatavyaan ...

Atavyaan means a layman. Vasishta, in praise of lord, says that, he
(Vasistha) is a layman. When Mahaan rishi like Vasishtha says so, can we
think that we know something ! It's a great thought to ponder over.

Parameshwaraaya Namaha.


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Sir - I admire your discipline to study the scriptures at such an young
age while involved actively in the worldly duties.  My pranaams to you
and to your parents and elder brother.  I am sure this list serve will
get the benefit of your active participation.

Hari OM!

> Dear Satwiks,
> Thank you all for providing me an opportunity to become a member of
> this
> mailing list. My name is Nataraja Neelakanta, and I was introduced
> into
> the group by Mr. Abhishek RK. Here goes my introduction:
> Age 			 : 23
> Country 		 : India
> Background and interests:

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