[Advaita-l] GITA - 2.12: part 3

Sanjay Srivastava sksrivastava68 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 17:57:46 CST 2005

Sri Amuthan Arunkumar R wrote:  namo nArAyaNAya!
> dear shrI Rishi Lamicchane,

Sri Sunil Bhattacharjya wrote:
> Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya,

1) Long time back there was a detailed debate on ramanuja.org site
between Vidya-ji and Mani-ji about  advaita /v. advaita issues. I
tried to locate that debate on v.advaita site but could not find it.
If Vidya-ji has saved a copy of that debate, it will be very valuable
on this thread.

2) I believe that "shat- bhUshaNI" adequately takes care of the
objections of v.advaita raised by Sri VedAnta Desika in
"shat-dUshaNI". Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of "shat-bhUsaNI"
with me. If someone has a copy and can quote reference from it, we
will be saved the trouble of re-inventing the wheel.


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