[Advaita-l] Love molecule

Mahesh Ursekar mahesh.ursekar at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 11:37:51 CST 2005


Can you please clarify:

Have they discovered that when a person is in love, the molecule is present
Have they discovered that if this molecule is injected, the person falls in
love and naturally, the next question is, if so, with whom does he or she
fall in love?

If the former, I think it has been addressed in the previous mails.
If the latter, it would indeed be interesting if you can answer the second
part of my question.


Humble Pranams, Mahesh

On 12/2/05, murali mohan <murali_mohan at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Now I hear that scientists have identified the love causing chemical in
> the brain. So soon we might be having pills to make people more loving and
> caring. All that is requited to reform criminals and terrorists might be to
> inject them with this chemical !!
> Love as an emotion has to be a chemical reaction in the brain like fear
> etc and can be manipulated by science by altering the chemistry of the
> brain. But then what does a jnani experience as universal love etc ? We hear
> phrases such as Love is God and God is Love etc. If love can be controlled
> chemically then it just does'nt make sense. I guess what a jnani experience
> might be something called Bliss which is very different from love (which is
> an emotion) and is above chemistry. As they say Brahman is Sat Chit Ananda
> where Ananda can be translated as Bliss which is different from
> love,happiness etc. Love and happiness are emotions and conditional and they
> belong to the realm of the physical. Maybe words such as universal love,
> unconditional love etc are a misnomer. Maybe these words might be referring
> to the physical symptoms arising out of true bliss experience which is not
> an emotion.
> Am I making any sense?
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