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Sangeetha Menon is a philosopher with a doctorate awarded for the thesis 
entitled “the concept of consciousness in the Bhagavad Gita” a major text of 
Indian philosophy. After graduating in zoology she took her postgraduate 
degree in philosophy from University of Kerala. A gold-medallist and 
first-rank holder for postgraduate studies, she received University Grants 
Commission fellowship for her doctoral studies for five years. She is 
working as Fellow at the National Institute of Advanced Studies since 1996, 
in the Culture, Cognition and Consciousness Unit. She is one of the senior 
Faculty members of NIAS. Dr Menon has been working in the area of 
consciousness studies for over twelve years. She has given numerous lectures 
and presentations at various national and international forum on 
consciousness, spiritual and aesthetic experiences, and science-spirituality 
interface issues.  The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology published an 
article on her research work and significant contributions (2002).  Dr Menon 
has co-edited three books on “Science and Beyond: Cosmology, consciousness 
and technology in Indic traditions” (2004, NIAS), “Consciousness and 
Genetics” (2002, NIAS) and “Scientific and Philosophical Studies on 
Consciousness” (1999, NIAS). Her book “Dialogues: Philosopher meets the 
Seer” (2003, Srshti Publishers) is a set of nine dialogues with her Guru on 
socio-cultural issues of contemporary importance. She has several 
publications in peer-reviewed journals, and contributed chapters on a 
variety of issues relating to self, mind and consciousness. She has also 
authored few monographs on consciousness in the context of Indian thought. 
She has been awarded two national awards and one international award for her 
achievements in the field of consciousness and Indian philosophy and 
psychology. In 1988 she was awarded the “Swami Pranavananda Philosophy Trust 
of India Award”. In 2003 she was awarded the “Young Philosopher Award” for 
her research work from Indian Council of Philosophical Research. This is the 
topmost national award given to a philosopher belonging to her age group. 
Recently (2005) she won the international award entitled “Global 
Perspectives on Science and Spirituality Award” (www.uip.edu/gpss) and is 
currently working on a theme relating ‘consciousness, agency and spiritual 
experience’. She is an avid photographer, artist and web-designer. Her 
E-mail address is prajnana at yahoo.com and URL is www.geocities.com/prajnana

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