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"Day By Day with Bhagavan", By Devaraja Mudaliar

9-1-1946, Afternoon

Mr. P. Bannerji asked Bhagavan, `What is the difference between
jivanmukti and videhamukti?'

Bhagavan: There is no difference. For those who ask, it is said,
`A jnani with body is a jivanmukta and he attains videhamukti
when he drops off this body.' But this difference is only for
the onlooker, not for the jnani. His state is the same before
and after the body is dropped. We think of the jnani as a human
form or as being in that form. But the jnani knows he is the
Self, the one reality which is both inside and outside, and
which is not bound by any form or shape. There is a verse in the
Bhagavata (and here Bhagavan quoted the Tamil verse) which says,
"Just as a man who is drunk is not conscious whether his upper
cloth is on his body or has slipped away from it, the jnani is
hardly conscious of his body, and it makes no difference to him
whether the body remains or has dropped off."

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