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This is on a lighter note...

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> How is this relevant to Advaitha? Can some body
> explain please !!!!.
> Vivek


That mail was most probably inadvertantly addressed here as
well. But it's relevence to Advaitha is in the mind of the

- Wherever he sees, whatever he does, he sees Advaitha
only. He is soaked in the Bhaava and so sees nothing, not
even Oracle applications as apart from it.

- Or take the following statement in Srikrishna's mail.
Quote "> You mentioned in the plan document that account
> managers will  be able to see commission details
> ONLINE. It is not possible directly through OIC. Only
> the Compensation Analyst will be able to see......Here
> again, I am not sure how much of security can be built
> in to restrict one to see only his data. 

The above statement is like any philosophical debate that
one sees, in any forum. Its all about Seeing, "Darshana"
and the hair splitting about Cause, effect, adhikaara,
observer, observed.....It is a statement that can be heard
in any Vidwat sadas.

- Or the following statement

> In summary, such capability to give online access is
> subject to some development effort and not a built in
> OIC functionality.

As above. This could well have been said by a Dvaitin to an
Advaitin or vice versa. 

- And not last but not least, the mail was written by
SriKrishna. And this is Krishna Janmashtami time. All that
Sri Krishna says is Gita to me. His 16000 plus consorts are
all like different programs of Oracle Applications. Who am
I to disagree?

Bhaja Govindam, Bhaja Govindam
     Govindam Bhaja Mudhamate
   Sampraapte Sannihite Kale
     Na Hi Na Hi Rakshati Dukrinkarane

Jatilo Mundi Lunchitakeshah
     Kaashaayaambara Bahukritaveshah
   Pasyannapi Cha Na Pasyati Moodho
     Hyudaranimittam Bahukritaveshah
    (Bhaja Govindam, Bhaja Govindam........)

Yours sincerely, 


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