[Advaita-l] Mundaka Upanishad

arun nair arun103 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 05:54:43 CDT 2005

I am currently studying the Drg-Drshya Viveka with commenatry by Swami
Tejomayanandaji, in which he quotes the following verse from Mundaka
upanishad (I-2-12):

"parIksya lokAn karmacitAn brAhmano
niverdam-AyAn-nAsty-akrtan krtena
tad-vijnAnArtham sa gurum-ev'Abhigacchet
samitpAnih srotriyam brahma-nistham

Having examined the worldly pleasures acquired by action, the wise man
gets detached from them since the Eternal cannot be gained by actions.
Therefore to attain That, with firewood in hands, he should humbly
approach the Guru who is well versed in scriptures and is a man of

Can anyone explain the significance of the statement "with firewood in hands".


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