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Fri Aug 19 10:01:06 CDT 2005

" Equally important it is to understand that KNOWLEDGE (a complete
understanding and assimilation of the meaning of the Mahavakyas) is 
capable of erasing the Karmaphalas and the attainment of MOKSHA"
Badisa: Karma is said to be of three types. The sanchita karma is the one accumulated from past lives. Agama karma is that we are earning in this life with various activities. A part of sanchita karma, given in this life as prarabdha karma (PK) is the one we are facing now in this life. 

Upon realization of divine nature of atma, all sachita karma is annihilated to zero. That is, the reservoir of karma is gone by the dawn of gyan, and this is where Lord Krishna says Gyan agni sarva karmani 
 Gita 4/37. For such a gyani, there is no agama karma, as all activities are done with selflessness. But, he still faces the fruits of PK. It means that dawn of knowledge cannot remove the PK. Then, how long gyani will face? Till they are exausted. Then, what will happen to him? He will die and then attains the absolute moksha. 

In summary, dawn of knowledge makes the gyani free from all sanchita karmas. But PK still clings to him. It means that KNOWLEDGE is not capabale of erasing all karmaphalas. So, the state of gyani is not called salvation in absolute sense but only realization that "he" is "him".




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