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Thu Aug 11 10:49:16 CDT 2005

On 8/11/05, Sri Jay Pandya wrote:

> you could  not be more wrong on celibacy.........
> according to RAMANA MAHARISHI.........brahmacharya has nothing to do with ritention > of sperm...............bhramacharya means to be established in brahman........

For one on pravr^tti mArg, kAma is perfectly fine. For one on nivr^tti
mArga, it is not. Kindly elaborate to whom this was told by Ramana.

> also note wilful sanyasa was discouraged both by RAMANA MAHARISHI and
>  SRI RAMAKRISHNA...............

SannyAsa has always been discouraged for anadhikArI. From the above it
is not clear who was discouraged from sannyAsa.

A businessman asked bhagvAn Ramana about taking sannyAsa and bhagvAn
advised him to mind his job, his family etc. After the businessman
left, Ramana's attendent asked, "But didn't you left your home in
search of truth?". To this, bhagvAn replied, "But did I go asking
advice from all and sundry before leaving home?"

Naren was Sri Ramakrishna's dearest disciple. Under the pressure of
his family members, Naren had almost decided to get married. It was
the repeated insistence of Ramakrishna only that Naren did not enter
the path of pravr^tti and ultimately embraced sannyAsa.


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