[Advaita-l] Re: yoga and vedanta - Shri Bharati Tirtha Svami's words

Stig Lundgren slu at bredband.net
Thu Aug 4 03:23:01 CDT 2005

Dear Sri Anand Hudli,

> Why is absolutely necessary to interpret vedanta exactly as Shankara did? 
> Remember, Shankara did not invent a "shankara philosophy."

Well, the problem is that there is a general confusion regarding what 
Shankara actually says in his works and what doctrines he really propagates. 
If different and sometimes even clashing opinions are all referred to 
without discrimination in the name of Adi Shankara and his school, then 
confusion will result. There is no question of throwing all the later 
commentators into the garbage can, but I think it is very useful for the 
students and aspirants of Vedanta to know what do Shankara says, what do the 
Bhamati school says, what do the Vivarana says etc. etc.

Warmest regards
Stig Lundgren 

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