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i may add only one thing here if permitted.
Holenarsipur Swamiji himself has written a work called Pancha padika Prakirya,  wherein he has attempted in his usual style to show how the Pachapadika is quite different from the Bhashya of the Pujya Jagadguru.  a similar work on Bhamati Prakriya (comparitive study) has in fact been done in Sanskrit and published by his student Vitala Shastrigal, although, with due respects to the maximum, i am of the very imprudent & impolite opinion that this latter work is not as terse and smart as the former.  But the work is there.
in any case, Swamiji himself has dealt with both these in his Vedanta Prakriya Prathabigna.

Stig Lundgren <slu at bredband.net> wrote:
Dear Sri Sundararaman,

Thank you for your very interesting mail! I am pleased to know about your 
studies and your connections to Swami Jnanaprasunendra Saraswati 
(Thyagarajan in his purvashrama). I am looking forward to your works on the 
"Mathur Prakriya", as you have labelled it.

You wrote:
Unfortunately Mathur people are not able to produce this monograph and to be 
frank they are themselves are not able to present a clear picture but try to 
explain piecemeal.They have not studied Bhamiti prakriya or Panchapadhika 
and therefore are not able to produce a comparative monograph.

I guess you are not referring to Sri Aswattha Narayana Avadhani and 
Jnanaprasunendra Swamiji here, but to some of their followers? I assume that 
someone like Sri Aswattha Narayana Avadhani knows the paNcapAdika by heart.

You wrote:
I am trying to work this monograph atleast upto Adhyasa Bhashya based on a 
book written by Holenarsipur Swamigal called Sugama.(Ganguli translation is 
quite horrible in respect of books published)

To my knowledge Sri D.B. Gangolli has not translated the Sugama, unless it 
has been published during the last few weeks or so. However, Swami 
Atmanandendra Saraswati (also a direct disciple of Satchidanandendra 
Swamiji) is preparing an English translation of Sugama. I donĀ“t know when it 
will be finished, though. Atmanandendra Swamiji is living in a very secluded 
place in the outskirts of Mysore.

Warmest regards
Stig Lundgren 

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