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Ram Ram
Sri Aswathanarayana Awadhani (Mathur Shimoga Pin code:577203) is a direct disciple of Sri Holenarsipur  Swamigal who can provide clarifications on mathur prakriya.I had been to mathur with my teacher Dr  R Krishnamurthy Sastrigal (Retired Principal of Madras Sasskrit College)recently at the instance of Tyagu Swamigal (A Chartered Acct. from Bombay) whho was given Sanyasa by HH Jayendra Saraswati at Kalahasti (age around 40 years) who is piolting the cause of Mathur prakriya.Myself and 5 others had extensive discussions when  Dr  Mani Dravid Professor of Madras Sanskrit College on Mimamsa was also present.I have been advising Tyagu Swamigal for a proper web site.I think that this will take some time.More than the web site I have been trying to work on a comparative monograph on Mathur Prakriya,Bhamiti prakriya as well as Panchapadika prakriya sothat the world can understand things better.Unfortunately Mathur people are not able to produce this monograph and to be frank they are themselves are not able to present a clear picture but try to explain piecemeal.They have not studied Bhamiti prakriya or Panchapadhika and therefore are not able to produce a comparative monograph.With the help of Sri Mani Sastrigal I am trying to work this monograph atleast upto Adhyasa Bhashya based on a book written by Holenarsipur  Swamigal called Sugama.(Ganguli translation is quite horrible in respect of books published)Just as I have made available the brief book on Brahmasuthra as well as Advaitha siddhi by V Swaminathan to this web site I will make this monograph also available when it is ready.Till then please wait patiently
Ram ram
K Sundara Raman.

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