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Hare Krishna

The following forwarded mesg. from Sri Guruprasad prabhuji is self
explanatory...I firmly believe Mr. Gangolli adding *his own line of
interpretation* to SS's objections against paNchapAdika...But at the same
time,  it is also strange to notice how Karyalaya authorities agreed to let
it go!! Anyway, I shall come back with more details after reading this

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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bhaskar avare,

Yes I did search. I am not a member of Advaita-L to post it there.

Their has been no usage of words like Charlton or rogue.

What has been written about Panchapaadika is ...

Its been written by some person with a malicious and mischievious
intention...to sidetrack from traditional methedology. So if its indeed
written by PadmapAdAcharya, then he being shishya of Shankara is under
debate/question.( I dont know if this is quoted from SS or its DB
Gangolli's interpretation of SS)

If u want the exact contents , I can get the whole para on that


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