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Following is from the subject FAQ of ambaa-L.

FAQ 1: How many navarAtri-s are there every year?

There are four navarAtri-s every year and they are respectively in the
months chaitra, aashhaaDha, aashvina, and mAgha. They start on shukla
paxa prathama thithi and end in navami. The dates are fixed based on
the chandramAna calendar. And it is better to remember it that way, as
the English dates would keep changing.

The chaitra and aashivina navarAtri-s are famous and also known by the
their season, that is, vasanta and shArada navarAtri-s (after vasanta
and sharad R^itavaH). And these two navarAtri-s are important
according devI bhAgavatam.

The devI bhAgavatam, which talks about these four navarAtri-s do not
make any specific link to vArAhi, mAtangi, etc for each navarAtri. The
procedure it outlines is same for all. But many shrIvidyopAsaka-s make
the following association.

* vasanta navarAtri with rAja mAtangI

* AshhADha navarAtri with vArAhI

* shArAda navarAtri with lalitA

Also, some shriividya texts have the 4th navarAtri in paushya mAsa
(saubhagyaratnAkara), instead of mAgha mAsa.

Vidyasankar Sundaresan wrote:
> namaskaram to all.
> can any one please tell me the significant of vasantha navarathri.
> Thanking you in advance.
> Basker
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