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Ram ram
I find that that some correspondence is being exchanged on Mathur in respect of Rudram etc.Vedam and Upanishads are different.Mathur people agree that Sri Rudram is part of Vedam and is not a Upanishads.In fact Advaithins also agree on this.Hence there should be no confusion on this.

When U bring Mathur people into discussion please understand that the prakriya of Mathur is slightly different.While they are also Advaithins some of the Sankara Moola Bhashya in Gita as well as Brahma Suthra are slightly changed (I can venture to say to suit them-while breaking a word etc) and give a different meaning.The advaithins normally would hv left this as a different prakriya but for the fact that the Sanyasin from H.pur said that Vivekachoodamani was not written by Sri Adisankara and also used some abusive language in respect of Sri Padmapada while discussing Moola Vidyanirasa.This irked Advaithins and they retaliated by condemning the Sanyasin particularly the sishyas of  Sringeri.I have visited mathur with my Guru Sri R Krishnamurthy Sastrigal for a religious seminor and stayed for a week when I picked up the above.The group will accept only Sankara Moola Bhashya and further commentaries on Brahma Suthra like Bhamathi,parimalam are not accepted by them.Anyway so much about them.
However the Sanyasin has translated the entire Sankara Moola Bhashya in Kannada and around 100 Grahasthas of Mathur (Owners of Arecca gardens) (Who hv completed Veda adhyanam) are fully conversant (in fact finger tips)with his prakriya from page to page.All can fluently (including ladies )  talk Sanskrit.They also perform Agnihothram,Yagas etc.It is worthwhile to visit this place once in a life time.People can stay in Shimoga and commute.

I found that an authentic version of Sankara Moola Bhashya has to be brought out for posterity.In view of palm leave manuscript there are likely to be copying mistakes which we can now correct.
Ram ram
K Sundara raman 


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