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I wish to echo what Amuthan has mentioned. Science uses pratyaksha & anumana pramanas alone. Vedanta uses both plus Shruti pramana. Using pratyaksha & anumana alone one cannot arrive at Atma Tattva. This is the limitation of empirical sciences. We take the Shruti pramana as valid because its siddhanta does not contradict pratyaksha & anumana pramanas.


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namo nArAyaNAya !

dear list members,

i would like to make a small request. 

> --- ramesh badisa <badisa66 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Badisa: As per modern Astronomy, the universe is
> expanding.
> > Only a finite thing can expand and grow. Thus,
> universe is
> > finite.

please do not use mere speculations as scientific
facts  in discussions on advaita vedAnta.The above
argument given to show the finiteness of the universe,
besides having certain serious logical flaws within
itself, uses certain notions of science that are still
only in speculation and not proved so far. 

i think that analogies with science supporting the
facts of vedAnta help only in the beginning stages by
acting as a convenient way of deluding oneself that
he/she has understood something about vedAnta. (it may
be necessary for some) but, vedAnta doesn't need the
support of science to show it's truth. i'm not
decrying science here, but only wish to point out that
 science and vedAnta study two different things,
science studies objects, vedAnta studies the subject
to whom these objects exists. (please bear with the unconventional use of the word "object" here. i hope i'm clearly understood.)  

if one thinks that he/she has found a new "analogy"
(i'd call that another mental delusion) relating
science and vedAnta, i guess they may be good posts
for some other lists and not this one. 

it is not my intention to hurt anyone, but i thought
it was necessary to point out certain things which i
felt should be corrected as early as possible. 

hari sarvatra, 

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