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On Tue, 12 Apr 2005, venkata subramanian wrote:

> some of the main commentaries on the Bhashya are:-
> 1.  By Anubhuthi Swarupa Acharya, unpublished (perhaps may be published
>    by Sri Dakshinamurthy Math, Varanasi) who is also the author of a
>    sub-commentary on the Mandukya Upanishad Bhashya, which is published
>    at Varanasi and Chennai (Sanskrit Education Society)
> 2.  By Ananda Giri (Anandagyana) published at umpteen places.
> 3.  By Ramaraya Kavi of Bellaconda, published by Sri Sringeri Math,
>    Hyderabad.  Scholarly commentary without doubt.; Name is 'Paramartha
>    Prabha".  he also attacks Ramanuja throughout.
> 4.  By Surya Pandit of Pune. published.
> 5.  One Krisnananda has written a commentary published some where from
>     Karwar.
> 6.  Good footnotes are done by Swami Sachidananendra Saraswathi of
>     Holenarsipur, but not in Sanskrit, but Kannada.  His Gita Shastrartha
>     Viveka in Sanskrit is a good digest of the Acharya's Gita Bhashya.
> 7.  Bhashyotkarsha Deepika by Dhanapathy Suri, is not a sub-commentary,
>     but is frequently referred by everyone.
> 8.  From Chowkhamba, there is a Padya vyakayna published.
> Other Commentaries :-
> 9.  By Madhusudhana Saraswathi, "Gudartha Deepika" published by many.
> 10. By Venkata Natha - published by Vani Vilas. Brahmanandeeyam.  His
>     sanskrit is simple, and at many places, he has given the juice of
>     the Bhashya in some places.  he attacks Madhva like anything.
> 11.  Sridhara's, Nilakanta's, etc are there.

Shridhara oddly enough is regarded by Gaudiya Vaishnavas as one of their
own though he clearly follows the Advaita understanding of the Gita.

Nilakantha has commented on the entire Mahabharata.  His Gita Tika is only
a part of that.

When we are talking about Advaitic commentaries on the Gita, let us not
forget Shankaranandi tika of Swami Shankarananda Sarasvati.  He was
jagadguru of Shringeri and the paramaguru of Swami Vidyaranya, and also
the author of Dipikas on the Upanishads, Atmapurana, and other Vedantic

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