[Advaita-l] Created universe-finite or infinite?

ramesh badisa badisa66 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 12 08:24:57 CDT 2005

“It is a mistake to assume or conclude that the Ishvara cannot

create an infinite universe. Please read the excerpt from the

Brahma vaivarta purANa at …”

Badisa: As per modern Astronomy, the universe is expanding. Only a finite thing can expand and grow. Thus, universe is finite. Let us forget this example of modern Astronomy. Let us see what Gita 10/42 says. Lord Krishna here says that the whole created universe represents his one part. We do not know how many such parts exist. Doesn’t it show the finite nature of created universe? Sri Shankara and sri Ramanuja agreed on this too. Also please refer Rig Ved 10.90.3 (Pado Asya …. Amruta divi ..) to understand the finite nature of created universe. With the help of Puranas, one can take many sides in a discussion – (why only this and why not that type) and thus no one can reach any conclusions. 

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