[Advaita-l] The Goal of bhagavad-gItA

Sundar Rajan avsundarrajan at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 11 01:11:21 CDT 2005

Is gItA a text largely geared to instruct some one pursuing pravR^itti 
mArgA? That is, to impel one to act with the right understanding, as it 
happened with Sri arjuNa.
I thought Sri Sankara had explained the Goal of the Gita in His Bhasya introduction, is it not? Maybe I am not understanding the question here but here is the relevant section from the Bhasya
The teaching of the gItA, which is the collected essence of all the
Vedas, is difficult to comprehend. Many authors have attempted to
elucidate the logic of its words, sentences and their meanings. In
general, however, people have obtained it as a set of many mutually
contradictory ideas. Therefore, I will briefly explain (saMkshepa
vivaraNa) the meaning of the text, with proper discrimination of its

The ultimate goal of the teaching of this gItA is the highest
liberation (paraM niHSreyasam) from transmigratory existence and its
cause. This comes from the dharma of abiding in Self-knowledge
(AtmajnAna-nishThA), preceded by the total renunciation of all works
Sundar Rajan


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