[Advaita-l] Krishnopanishad

ramesh badisa badisa66 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 10 18:18:22 CDT 2005

" (7) The Krishnopanishad was maybe written by a devotee of Krishna and then labelled
as an upanishad" 
Badisa: Namaste. The above upanishad is not written in dwapra yug by some devotee of Lord Krishna. The reference of this upanishad is also found in Muktiko upanishad, 1.8. This is one of the 108 upanishads, that were picked up from about 1200 upanishads (Muktiko up. 1.3), and disclosed to sri Hanuman by Lord Sri Ram. Thus, it does not appear that this upanishad was written recently, but is considered to be old, tracing to treta yug. 

(8) ...the concept of hell is there only to frighten men and discourage them
from resorting to pApakAryANi.
Badisa: Not so please. In Gita Lord Krishna (9/20, 21) existence of heaven is mentioned. When heaven is existing, then there is no reason why hell cannot be existing. 

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