[Advaita-l] bhagavad-gItA Audio Project

Ravi Mayavaram ravi at ambaa.org
Sun Apr 10 12:01:21 CDT 2005

Will someone be interested in leading a project to create audio
recordings of our AchArya's bhAShya. To give an example something like
this http://ambaa.org/audio/lalita300/index.html[1].

The issues that we have to deal with are:

a) We need a team of 10-20 volunteers who can read sanskrit.

b) The text is long. We can choose to do some selections that will run 
for say 2+ hours. There is a selection verses by Sage ramaNa.

c) We can write to RK Math and get permission to read the English
translation along with it.

d) I think Sri Krishna Warrier's book is easy to read, as the sanskrit
words are split and not strung together.

e) There is good free recording software called Audacity
(sourceforge.net) that help everyone to record in a standard way.

Your help and guidance on this matter will be greatly appreciated.


[1] I have to re-record some sections. In the past, I did record
Sankara's introduction to gItA (nArayaNaH paro ...) of gIta. But
discarded it because of its poor quality. I will try to record it and
post it for a better example.

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