[Advaita-l] pArthiva Year gItA Discussion Guidelines

Ravi Mayavaram ravi at ambaa.org
Fri Apr 8 14:04:35 CDT 2005

1. The chandramAna year, pArthiva (Apr-09-2005 to March-30-2006) is
dedicated for the discussion of our AchArya's bhagavad gItA commentary.
This will be the main focus of the year.

2. Sri Vidyasankar Sundaresan will lead and  moderate the discussion.

3. Others posts to the list will be limited using the following
guidelines, most of which will rely on your self moderation.

a) All the existing series will be allowed to continue.  By existing
series, we mean those series  that were actively posted in the last
few months, such as, Prof. V. Krishnamurthy's yogAmR^itam series and Dr.
Jayanarayanan's pUrva mImA.msA series.

b) No new series will be allowed to start. This is to keep the focus on

c) We already have a guideline whereby members are requested to post not
more than two messages per day to the list. We now request members to
limit their non-gItA posts to just one message per day.  Please restrict
this non-gItA posting to a text-oriented message. That is, the post
should center around a text either for references or clarification of
the meaning of some of its verses.

d) Discussion topics such as, "Who is a brAhmaNa?", "Can women recite
veda-s?", etc. will not be allowed during this time.

e) Moderators can request a thread be stopped if it is distracting us
from the main focus.

4.  It is suggested that all of us use a specific version of ITRANS
scheme that will work with Itranslator 2003 or other standard Itrans
tools. This will help us to convert the posts to devanAgari/roman font
if needed. Using a standard scheme will also make the search easier.


a   A   i  I  u  U  R^i    R^I     L^i   L^I
e   ai     o     au     aM    aH


k     kh     g     gh     N^
ch    Ch     j     jh     ~n
T     Th     D     Dh     N
t     th     d     dh     n
p     ph     b     bh     m
y     r      l     v
S     Sh     s     h      L


x       for kSh.
.n/.m   for anusvAra
.c      for ardhachandra
.N      for chandrabindu
.a      for avagraha
.h      for halant
H       for visarga

Even though ITRANS allows aa/A, ii/I etc. typing gItA will match
closer the standard English spelling Gita (under a case insensitive
search). On the other hand, giitaa will escape the radar, unless one
is careful. See Itranslator 2003 help for detailed map.

5. This focussed effort will succeed only if you choose to participate.
Hence, your active participation is requested.

6. Gita supersite contains commentaries by various Acharya-s. You are
welcome to bring up additional points from those commentaries to
highlight and explain Acharya's commentary. However, this should not
be used as a bait for debate.

7. Moderators reserve the right to modify the above rules and allow
exceptions based on how the dicussion proceeds.

Thank you.

List Moderators.

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