[Advaita-l] Possible revisions of Advaita-vAda?

Guru Meditation killuminati at onetel.com
Mon Apr 4 19:23:52 CDT 2005

Hari Om!

I have heard the following said:

- ZaGkara hardly ever mentions the term 'mAyA'. He speaks more about avidya.

- 'MAyAvAdA' was initiated of sorts by Mandana Mishra, whose views were 
blended with ZaGkara's possibly by Vacaspati Mishra.

- Vacaspati Mishra and Vidyaranya "made over" ZaGkara and his 
philosophy. The latter (Vidyaranya) made ZaGkara out to be a Saivite and 
attributed many Saivite ideas and texts to him.

To what extent have Vacaspati Mishra and Vidyaranya "made over" the 
advaita-vAda of ZaGkara? Are any of these statements true? If not, could 
the correct understanding be given?

Kind regards,

D. Jay

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