[Advaita-l] Lord Krishna lived for 125 years

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Wed Sep 15 00:32:22 CDT 2004

Hare Krishna

Just my few thoughts on this ....

First of all I dont know why it is a big issue with Krishna bhaktha-s when
someone talks about krishna's socalled death.... interestingly, we are
celebrating krishna's *janmAshtami* in a cavalier manner accepting his
*birth*.  When we are accepting the birth of krishna, I dont know what
exactly is the problem in accepting his death as well....for that matter,
krishna himself says in gIta *jAtasya hi dhruvO mrutyuhu* is it not??

Someone says his is the aprAkrutik sharIra & has aprAkrutik indriya-s which
are ever youthful, charming & never undergo decay & death etc. But lord
krishna as parabrahman himself is sarvEndriya vivarjita & sarva guNAthIta.
It is *krishnatva* the adhishtAna vastu which is one & the same in all is
what we are striving to realise in krishna not krishna as he appears in his
physical form.

When it comes to physical form of krishna, it is a well known fact that
Krishna's departure from his physical form after his avatara's intention
has been completed.  In bhAgavataM itself there is a clear mention of
krishnAvasAna & after his departure there was notorios internal quarrel
among yAdava-s (yAdavI kalaha).  If his birth & death is mere appearance &
disappearance, why at all those dramatic episodes of his birth & his
pastimes in childhood in bhAgavataM??  why he wants to show his foot to the
hunter to end his physical form??  just like that he could have disappeared
in thin air is it not??

For that matter, even other avatAra-s like rAma, narasimha, vAmana, matsya,
kUrma etc have beginning, specific physical form, definite purpose and end.
the issue only with Krishna, that is just another avatara of the lord for
specific reasons.

Anyway, that does not mean that we should ignore the wonderful physical
tribhangi form
of the lord krishna from which he did all the wonders.  We can still adore,
worship & do upAsana using his auspicious physical form from which he gave
us the wealth of unparallel wisdom through gIta. We can also add & say that
it's nice to know that we are creating more and more opportunities for more
celebrations (birth/death anniversary, etc) so that we can have
bhagavannAma smaraNa and pray earnestly the almighty lord krishna more
often. Hope, let the number of occasions like this keep increasing...

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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