[Advaita-l] Self introduction - Kailas: am joinng the list again.....

Kailas R Thriguna at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 09:00:28 CDT 2004


I was a subscriber to this mail list till 2 day ago. While changing
the mail address, by some mistake i was un subscribed from the list.
Now I wish to be considered again for joining this list.
I am a devotee of devi and am doing deep reflective studies on Rudram,
LS, LT, SL, Devi Khadgamala and Durga Spatashathi. I believe that Adi
Shankara's advaita can be appreciated and realized by following
closely the interactive discussions by persons like Jaldhar, Ravi,
Profvk, Ganapathy and many others in this list that helps me to
prepare my self for ultimate complete surrender at the lotus feet of
Maa Durga ("Sharanamaham Prapadhye" in true sense).

Thanks for your kind consideration and understanding in advance.

AUM sarvamAtre namaH


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