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On Wed, 1 Sep 2004, Sanskrit Beginner wrote:

>  Now, my contention is this: If the description of
> this "apparent reality" is not consistent within the system,
> then the methodology to get oneself out of it will necessarily
> be different as well.

The goal of Advaita sadhana is not to attain real reality (Though in the
beginning it may be expressed that way.)  Real reality cannot be attained
because it always was and is.  Rather the goal is to remove misunderstood
reality (I prefer that term to unreality.)  when it is all gone by process
of elimination only real reality will remain.

> For example: for one who is fighting a
> fire, knowing the type of fire is important to know how to put
> it off. Like a fire due to gasoline or chemicals is different
> from just wood buring etc. Saying it depends on the nature of
> the student/listener addresses only part of the problem.
> Every "student" is still a mortal, enjoy happiness, suffers
> pain, and makes mistakes. The description of reality
> and "apparent reality" especially, must address to this common
> problem.

>From the ontological point of view all that needs to be known about a
particular thing is whether it is satya or mithya.

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