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Thu May 27 10:36:09 CDT 2004

Hari Om,
The confusion here arises because Brahman is also called the pure Ananda and the innermost of the koshas is also called the Anandamaya kosha.
Anandamaya kosha, the fifth kosha, is the ananda that we derive through our senses which is not an independent entity but which depends upon the Chit or our consciousness. I, the body and the mind complex, is conscious of the ananda that i am deriving from the outside world. Since this is a procured ananda it is bound by the Time and the Space and is short lived. Whereas the Sat, Chit Ananda is the Swaroopa or Swabhava of Brahman which is independent of Time and Space and by the presence of which alone we are able to derive the Time and Space bound Ananda.
When we are able to go beyond the five koshas and get established in the True ananda, the Satchidaananda Swaroopa can be realised.
Hari om,
Latha Vidyaranya
p.s. Sorry, I am not following the thread of this topic. I just happen to read one of the mails and have written this impulsively. Kindly excuse if you feel it as an intrusion.

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