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Kiran B R kiranbr at rocketmail.com
Fri May 7 01:00:25 CDT 2004

> Then why are we here?  If we cannot communicate and 
> learn from each other (let alone Shankaracharya who 
> died 1200 years ago) then this list indeed any 
> attempt to learn Advaita Vedanta is futile.
> There has to be some level of objectivity over 
> personal whims or impressions.

I see no point in arguing because I respect the 
radius on which you are travelling, for that too leads
to the centre of the circle, like mine.

While most think no radius but theirs - or what they
think is their Guru's - leads to the center, I do not
display such lack of objectivity over personal whims
and impressions.

The question of trying to sell my whim by registering
a victory in argument simply does not arise. Nor does
trying to buy your whim by registering a defeat in
argument. Why? Both whims lead to That. I'll have your
whim and you have yours, and let's see that there's no
difference vis-a-vis the result. (For some it's easier
said than done!)

It's like going to a foreign country and observing
what people there do for food. There is no need to
consume their food sitting in your country (although
there might be a need to consume their food in their
country). It is enough to realize that all types of
food ultimately lead to the same thing (don't drag
this analogy too much by saying this is sattvic, that
is rajasic, and suchlike irrelevance). To go and teach
eskimos that the ONLY way of satisfying hunger is
eating rice-and-dhal is utterly stupid. Or to sit in
Rajasthan, import sledge-dog-meat thinking that is the
ONLY way of satisfying hunger is equally stupid.

Or say this, Jaldhar, which Krishna told Arjuna, to

api chEdapi pApEbhyAh sarvEbhyAh pApakRuttamaH |
sarvaM j~JAnaplavEnaiva vRujinaM saMtariShyasi ||

And be it your own definition of j~JAna, for I see no
difference between saying "knowledge is absolute" and
"knowledge is relative"; They have equal potential to
lead the respective authors to the same goal. I can
choose any one to follow, but will be incapable of
proving the other wrong, for the other is *not* wrong.


achchakannaDigara guMpu!

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