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 Dear Shalini,  

I got my first touching to Sri Ramana's teachings reading Paul Brunton's 
book A Search in Secret India.

Paul Brunton tells in this book how he travelled to India to search 
"real secret India", to real teachings of Great Masters, he searched 
travelling in different part of India and he found good teachers but he 
felt that he have not found yet what he was searching.

But he heart about the Great Sage who lives in South India, in 
Tiruvannamalai town, 200 miles from Madras. He heart this Great Sage 
lives near Sacred Arunachala Hill, in red Hill, in which have lived 
ancient holy rishies.

So Paul Brunton travelled to meet Great Sage Sri Ramana Maharshi who 
teached throughout SILENCVE. Only to be in nearness in this Great Sage, 
to bath in radiation of His silent Grace..

This book includes discussions between Paul Brunton and Sri Ramana 
Maharshi, when I read these discussions it made permanent influence on 
me, just discussion about the Self, Ego, "this world is only dream", "we 
are created this world, it is inside" etc things
After that I started to search Sri Ramanas book and another book which I 
read was The Teachings of Bhagavan Sr Ramana Maharshi In His Own Words, 
edited by Arthur Osborne.

When I read this book I felt Sri Ramana "spoked" direct to me, when I 
read devotees questions and Sri Ramana's answers, I felt I was 
questioner and Sri Ramana answered direct to me. After that my life 
changed spiritually, I started to find to search Hindu scriptures, 
advaita teachings and I felt in my heart that they are just for me and 
this feeling go on..

There is one book which includes discussions between Paul Brunton and 
Sri Ramana Maharshi,

Conscious Immortality

There is link to Sri Ramana's web-site


There are available some free books to download forexample Who am I, 
music-files, pictures, videoclips, list of available books, links to 
Ramana ashrams in New York and Canada.

I ordered my books from Sr Ramanasramam India but I think they ma be 
available other ashrams too.

I read mails about discussion topic "Free Will" and What is the Self?

There were also discussion in scientic statement.
But reading Ramanas teachings give good answerings also these topics.

"The ego researching the SELF, it is same thing to researching The 
sunlight with candlelight"

In deep sleep we have no need to do thiskind enquiry   

with best wishes


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