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Kiran B R kiranbr at rocketmail.com
Mon Mar 22 03:15:10 CST 2004

> There is one case where the mukta comes back as it 
> were and it is explained in brahmasutra 3.3.32 
> yAvadadhikAramavasthitirAdhikArikANAM "When there is

> an office, there is embodiment for the officers for 
> its duration"
> Dirghatamasa or Apantaratamasa Gautama was the Rshi 
> Of the Ishopanishad. But in the Mahabharata it says 
> he was reborn as Krishna Dvaipayana aka Veda Vyasa. 

Well, we do have the example of Krishna Himself, don't
we, who even promises to come every yuga?

> But if he was a jnani why would he return?
> This 
> sutra explains that certain souls who have a divine 
> task that lasts longer than a lifetime may take 
> birth again in order to fulfill it.  

That the task/office is divine both irrelevant and not
mentioned in the sutra. That there IS a task is the
only thing of relevance, and the only thing mentioned
in the sutra. I would come, if at all, to eat juicy

> In this case it 
> was to divide and arrange the Vedas and to teach the

> vedanta shastra. It is the same as with prarabdha 
> karma.  Acheiving jnana does not cancel out existing

> karma but from then on, no more accrues and when the

> last of it burned, the jnani becomes eternally free.

...and? Can this guy be seen playing
"charioteer-charioteer" in wars or not? Or yeah, can
this guy be seen eating juicy jilebis or not?


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