[Advaita-l] How to get a Hindu Name?

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Sat Mar 20 22:42:20 CST 2004

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Different religions (outside the Vedic tradition) were given to people based
on time, place and circumstances (mindset of people etc.,).

This is absolutely correct and its one of the major differences between
'dharma' (sanAtana dharma) and a 'mata' (other religions). A 'mata' is
basically an opinion. It will have a starting point in the timeline. How
many Christians were there before the birth of Jesus? How many Mohammadans
were there before the birth of Prophet Mohammad? The theories in a 'mata'
will variably depend on the time, place, circumstances and the person
propounding it. So it is futile trying to squeeze in the "=" sign.

In my mother tongue, which is Malayalam, a religion is rightly called

This is why to say artificially that all religions are one doesn't take us
anywhere. On the other hand, understanding the key differences, even when
appreciating the common teachings will take us further.

Well said..

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