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On Thu, 18 Mar 2004, rohit ubhayaker wrote:

> Just because a book doesn't match to the "intellectual level"  of a
> person , it doesn't become outdated or useless.

Again this is not about intellectual or spiritual level or anything of the
sort.  The book is simply chockful of errors.

> Rather even the smaller version of the book Purusha Sookta & Naaraayana
> Sookta is very useful for aspirants at beginners level .

If they are at the beginners level they shouldn't be dabbling in such
matters anyway.  Do you give a child learning to count a calculus book?

> The efforts of well meaning saadhakas like those at Shri Raamakrishna
> Matha should be appreciated , especially in the context of modern Hindu
> society , where most Hindus are ignorant of the various hymns leave
> alone their meaning.

The point is after wasting Rs 5. the reader will STILL be ignorant of the
hymns leave alone their meaning.  If after being given inappropriate
textbooks your child fails to understand simple addition and subtraction,
would you excuse the maths teacher with "oh but he meant well?" No, when a
student fails to learn, the teacher is to blame.

"Modern Hindu society" demands excellence in its technology, and food, and
clothing, and other material goods.  Why is religion the only area where
shoddiness is tolerable?  That the Ramakrishna Matha produces many
excellent translations (which I don't deny) has no bearing on the fact
that this one is really bad.

Though it has made great strides in many areas, Indian society is still
intellectually backward in many ways.  We see the dire effects of it in
that article from a Muslim newspaper that was linked to.  But if we don't
care for accuracy about Dharma ourselves, what right do we have to
complain if our enemies don't care either?

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