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Hari Om,
I shall try to clear the doubt "whether a Jnani can come back to the business of life if he so wills" with an analogy of a story:
A KING gets lost in a big forest. He wanders and wanders and wanders searching for a way out of this forest. After all this futile search for very many days, his frame of mind gets disturbed. He forgets he is a king. At last with great difficulty he comes out of the forest and reaches a small village. He starts begging to fill his belly and survives as a beggar. Now he has totally forgotten who he truly is. 
One day a traveller recognises him as the King of a neighbouring province and tries to convince the beggar that he is really a king and not a beggar. Beggar does not believe his words. Traveller persists in explaining to him the facts but to no avail. Unable to convince the beggar the traveller decides to take the beggar to the neighbouring province and explain to him the whole situation and try to convince him. He takes him along takes him to the palace and shows everybody that he has brought back the King. The whole country rejoices and slowly the amnesia gets cleared and the King now believes himself to be the king and not a beggar. He is well convinced. At last he has realized the Truth about himself.
After spending some time with the pomp and glory of the Kingship, if he were to wish to become a beggar again, what stops him? He can always put on the garb of a beggar and go begging and people would still give him alms. But look at the change that has come over in his antahkarana. He knows very well that he is a king; but just "acting" like a beggar. He is constantly in touch with the reality that he is a king but is only living a make-believe world of beggary. The troubles and turbulance of beggary no more touches his antahkarana, but just to "play his role to perfection" he may still cry and moan like a beggar in front of others. BUT HE IS A KING.
Latha Vidyaranya
Kiran B R <kiranbr at rocketmail.com> wrote:
> Return to where & when !!?? A jnAni's knowledge is 
> dEsha & kAlAthItha
> jnAna. So, prabhuji, IMHO this question does not 
> arise to the liberated
> soul.

The question indeed arises:

sO kAmayata | bahu syAm prajAyEyEti | sa tapO tapyata
| sa tapastaptvA | idaM sarvamasRujata | yadidaM kiM
cha | tat sRuShTvaa | tadEvAnuprAvishat | ...


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