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tainakristina at jippii.fi wrote:

Dear members,

It was interesting to read comments to this letter. I have sometimes 
thought why I am so interested about Hindu teachings (expecially 
advaita-teachings and Sri Ramana Maharshi teachings) although I leave 
North Finland in middle of cristianity.

I have grown up cristianity atmosphere although in my family had not 
interest religional things, only at school I learned something about 
cristianity. So when I was about 12 years old I was nearest atheist, I 
believed and thought that different religions are due of aliens ancient 
visits to this planet.

This interesting got me find religionar books that I could find 
"evidents" about aliens visits, so I read little Bibble I thought 
"angels" are humanoids etc. Then I find little artickle from 
Mahabharata, from which I also tried find evident about aliens.

But this finding of religional books leaded me to write book Story of 
Krishna which did strong influence to me and so I got firsdt contact to 
Hindu teachings. Some After that I read article about hindu religion 
which handled statement Nirvana. This also did strong influence to me, 
somehow I imaged that Nirvana is somekind "empty" state in which have no 
any experiences, this made me feel in this way, "I don't ever want to 
attain Nirvana because I want to enjoy life, experience things, born 
again and again and experience. Although I thought in this way I thought 
and thought statement Nirvana, I imaget it is somekind place in "space", 
I imaged it is somehow inside dark empty space but sametime there can 
"see" space around it. This strong experience left inside me and after 
years when I read first time about Sri Ramanas discussion between Paul 
Brunton and Sri Ramana Maharshi I just knew "This is just for me" this 
is what I seeked all of my life from my childhood. This felt so clear 
and sure and after that I have somekind inner feeling hindu and advaita 
teachings are just to me.

I think this is dueing of my past interestings, maybe I have been 
devotee of Krishna or Rama or Sri Ramana Maharshi because I feel very 
big love toward them, somehow I miss them so much that I have no words 
to image this..

I want to say with this writing that although one may live different 
circumstations even in atheist circumstations somehow hidden vasanas 
lead you into path in which you have been earlier. This inner "power" 
get you burst through big obstackles, somehow you know inside yourself 
what is just for you. So I lived no-religional circumstations only 
learned little christianity in school and without believing christianity 
in my childhood only thinking scientic reasons and that "aliens" are 
reason for religions. In these times I didn't anybody about 
Hindu-scriptures and however, itself without anykind conversion from any 
direction I found hindu-teachings just to me. I think this is just due 
of karma, therefore althoug you are born into some religion you can 
convert itself into some other religion.


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Dear  Saadhakaa ,

Let  GOD  bless  you !

The  very  fact  that  you  feel  some  sort  of  deep  attachment  to  the  Lord  and  the GURU  implies  some  past  connection  to  Them.

Persevere  on  this  path  and  the  GURU  will  surely  give  Himself  to  you.

Let  all  our  illustrious  GURUs  bless you  on  this  divya yaatraa .

With  Love,


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